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Weber or E.Mix?

E.Mix is a famous brand among construction and renovation industry. Its Tile Adhesive 313 is a hot item among Sincere Building's selling products. Apart from that, E.Mix's other products such as Self-levelling floor category, Non-Shrink Grout or Plastering Mortar category are all well-known products within the industry. Subsequent to the acquisition of EMIX by Saint-Gobain Weber Group end of December 2016, Weber brand has been fully integrated with E.Mix brand. Starting from 2019, all E.Mix brand products will be changed toWeberBrand, together with all the packing will also be changed to Weber Brand.WeberIn other words, E.Mix 313 Tile Adhesive will be changed toWeber313 Tile Adhesive. The properties will remain the same.

Weber's product includes the following products:-

RenderWeberrender has both machine or manual operation. It is suitable for block wall mortar, concrete wall surface and other base slab plaster. It is also for both interior or exterior, moisture or dry base surface skim coat, and provide a good base for later tile adhesive works or paint works.

Skim CoatWeberSkim Coat is suitable for concrete surface or concrete block wall surface etc. rough surface. The purpose is to turn rough surface into smooth surface for later work. There is an option which suitable for interior wall surface, roof top, ceiling concrete mortar fine skim coat. Some of the products has better water resistance capability. As a result, works can be done on moisture surface. This can provide a smooth and fine surface for later works and resulted in a saving of surface paint cost.

Non Shrink GroutWeberNon Shrink Grout is a flowable and shrinkage compensated grout for general purpose.

Concrete RepairWeberRepair Concrete is a modified cement-based mortar for patching and repairing of concrete. It is medium weight mortar with enhanced adhesion strength and compressive strength.

Tile AdhesiveWeberTile Adhesive is a cementitious, water resistant, and single component tile adhesive. It is designed simply to mix with water to give strong, non-slip, and highly workable adhesive mortar wall installations. Suitable substrates are concrete, cement plasters, gypsum boards, brickworks and ALC blockwalls. A new product weberset TF eco is a eco-friendly, CO2 Emission reduced, high strength, high performance, cementitious cement free, water resistant, and single component tile adhesive.

Tile GroutWeberTile Grout is a cementitious single component tile grout. It is designed for grouting porous and vitreous tiles on interior or exterior walls and floors with joint width of 1 – 6 mm. The grout is shrinkage compensated which can prevent cracking. webergrout fine has low water absorption and high adhesion to tiles and tile adhesive. There is a wide range of colours available to match different tiles.

Self-levellingWeberSelf-levelling floor surfacing system can be machine or hand applied and formulated from special cement, aggregates, supplementary binders and chemical additives. The self-levelling products can be applied on concrete floor slab to provide a smooth and flat base surface for the following epoxy floor, carpet installation or other finishing .

Floor ScreedingWeberfloor screeding is a specially blended pre-mixed hydraulic cement, waterproofing component and non-reactive aggregate. The product is ready-to-use after mixing with clean water. It is easy-to apply and useful for levelling rough and uneven concrete floors. The product is shrinkage compensated and used primarily to waterproof concrete floor.

WaterproofingWeberwaterproofing series has various products, please refer to details fromWeberwebsite.