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Sincere Building hope to share as many building materials information as possible through this page. The information in this page was gathered from different area plus the experience we got from our daily operation. Our customers' frequently asked questions and feedback have also inspired us about some uncertainty the market may exist. The information shared here is only a little bit of our experience and our knowledge we gathered, and it is not for any academic study. It is therefore any information here is not recommended to be used as any engineering theory or for any engineering calculation in construction projects.

Following the acquisition by Saint-Gobain, E.Mix has been merged to Saint-Gobain Weber. Starting from 2019, all E.Mix products will be re-brand as Weber brand.....…..Read more

Fire Resistance Test Report

Nowadays, both residential or commercial building are popularly used withFRP Concrete BlockorFire Resistance AAC Block.Before construction start, if the building would like to use withFRP Concrete BlockorFire Resistance AAC Block., the responsible structural engineer has to submit relevant Fire Resistance Test report to Architect for approval.Read more

Cement has several names in Chinese. No matter how many names there are, generally cement can be categorized into black cement and white cement....….Read more

Early as 2018, the government Development Bureau - Works Division has already have documents announced that M-Sand has to be used to replace Natural Sand in Open Contracts....….Read more