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Contact Sincere Building

Tel : 2711 9288 Whatsapp : 9229 1565

email : sales@sbm.com.hk


What kind of payment methods you have?

We accept below payment method:-

Cash on Delivery

Advanced cash payment at our retail point


Bank-in / Bank transfer

Can Sincere Building arrange delivery on the same day as we place order?

Deliver by 30T or 16T truck: Depends on the order situation on that day. If the situation is ideal, we would like to arrange the delivery on the same day.

Van Delivery: We can arrange to place order to the service provider right after receiving your order, however, the order which pick-up by van driver depends on the willingness of the van driver in the market at that moment.

Do you have stocks for your products?

In order to serve the demand of the market, Sincere Building always keep some stocks for the hot items, such as Packed Sand, Green Island Cement, Concrete Block, Red Brick, SBR and Tile Adhesive etc.

Is Concerte Block / AAC Block able to issue Fire Resistance Certificate?

Yes, please contact us for details

Do you have a retail that can purchase and pick-up the goods instantly?

Yes, in Kwun Tong and Chai Wan

Where is the location of your retail shop?

Kwun Tong : G/F, 3 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Chai Wan : 7 Chong Fu Road

觀塘門市 : 大業街3號

柴灣門市 : 柴灣創富道7號