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Sincere Building= Building Material with Good Quality
Helping to Build A Dream House for your Family

Starting from a piece of brick, we move forward with the industry by supplying various kinds of building materials. Helping the society to building all kinds of house and building, from small village to single block building and from public estate up to deluxe private estate

We Supply Variety of Building Materials

Packed Sand, Bulk Sand, Aggregate

Concrete Block, FRP Concrete Block


SBR Emulsion, Non-Shrink Grout


Cement Green Island Run Feng Yue Xiu

Red Brick, Concrete Roof Tile


Pre-mixed Sand Cement, Plasters


Seamless Cooperation

Cooperate with large construction company closely to supply with various kinds of Concrete Block and FRP Concrete Block, Cement, Sand, Aggregate, for non-loadbearing partition wall, floor screeding, wall plastering etc. No matter your project sites are Government Public Housing, Private Residential Estate or Urban Renewal Authority's projects, the submission documents can be fixed without any problem. Last but not least, we will deliver according to the site planning.

Small to medium engineering company and interior design house are also our focused clients. Sincere Building's own 16 ton truck and van delivery requesting service are specially suit the needs for small to medium company and individual renovation master (c-fu) . We will place the van delivery request to the service provider within 15min after receiving your order.#No matter the distance, the delivery can be done if there has a van driver pick-up your order.

#The pick-up leadtime by van driver is out of our control. This depends on the availability in the market at that moment and the willingness of picking the order by the van drivers.

Small-to-medium engineering projects